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Terms of Use

SubGlobal Online
Terms of Use

1.1 · Seal of Constitution

No Administrator is above the Constitution.
All terms within Constitution are indisputable & dictatorial.
1.2 · User's Right to fair Trial

-Users whom have been banned/scammed have the option of seeking a fair trial via User C/S (Customer Support) in chance to redeem his/her account or items (Screen Shots/Videos and own statement must be presented). All trails are transparent for the public are filed at URL: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
- [Trial must contain no Abusive Language.]
- [User must present his/her case formally.]
- [Admin's decision upon the matter is indisputable.]
- *Failing to comply will dismiss trial*
1.3 · User Responsibility

-User must not break the game policy, thus hamper regularity and balance in the game.   
-When the user faces an issue that can not be solved by one's self in the game, he/she may seek assistance through User C/S in the game website, or mail an available Administrator in the game.
-When a user identifies a problem (hacking/bug) in the game, he/she must inform an Administrator and is then required to cooperate with the Administrator during the whole case(s).
-If User witnesses an Administrator or any sort of authority-figure abusing power, any sort of corruption or wrong-doing, User is obligated to gather evidence and present to the Server Team for analysis via C/S. User found speaking of the matter publicly will result in Permanent Block.
2.1 · Administrator Policy

Administrators may NOT execute terms listed in Article 2, Section 1.
Evading these terms will damage community's well-being.

-Present self in public for a lasting period of time without discussion.   
-Distribute legal item(s) which have been acquired from a kill (Item must be deleted).
-Power Level users to unfair advantage (Heal/Buff is also restricted).
-Teleport users to requested areas.
-Gift new users with items.
-Buy from shops (Such action will damage economy).

-* [If Administrator's alternate character is discovered. Administrator is required to either delete character and create another of equal level or change his/her character's name momentarily].
3.1 · Server Rules & Regulations Policy

Administrators are to restrain users that violate the game policy via Article 3, Section 1 guidelines.

"VIPs" (Administrator's Friends) fall subsequent to Article 3, Section 1 & 2 without question (Disregarding these actions will result in wide damage to community's well-being, rendering unstable server team and loss of population & donations).
- National, racial and religious discrimination (Hateful manner)
[First offense] - Kick followed by FL Statement
[Second offense] - 24hr Block followed by FL Statement
[Third offense] - Permanent Block

- Use of profanity or slander against Administrator
[First offense] - Kick followed by FL Statement
[Second offense] - Permanent Block

- Castle War Rebirth
[First offense] - Kick followed by FL Statement
[Second offense] - 2hr Block

- Advertising & Discussing other Game Servers & Illegal Programs
[Permanent Block]

- Administrator impersonation
[Permanent Block]

- Unfair Advantage (bots, memory hacking, bug, etc.)
[Permanent Block]

- Non-acceptance of Administrator's Warning
[First offense] - Kick followed by FL Statement
[Second offense] - 2hr Block followed by FL Statement
[Third offense] - Permanent Block
3.2 · The following unpopular actions ARE ALLOWED unless overridden by Administrator to enforce restraining actions during occurrence and can NOT be disputed by User(s).

-Rebirth Kill
-Kill Steal
-Spot Steal
-Personal Threats
[Overridden Procedure]: Kick followed by FL Warning
× · Inscribed Terms;

Well-being: Community's sentiments regarding the server. Followed by adjoinment, loyalty and donations.
Warning: Any case and matter of any recent past and present time.
Administrator: Those who have Game Master abilities.

This is how rules SHOULD look like. Very nice!

wow, about time a rules for a game are actually displayed. usually they are hidden in any other game i've played. seems fair

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