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[Posted by: MRPI8]

Every time i am the only 1 on the server some 1 has to join and start saying i griefed there home when i have only accept there tpa -_-. PROFFESER_JAXON has been a right twat latly, she has been calling me a cunt , bitch and shitlord wow and she said that she was playing minecraft for 5 years wow thats in 2010 i started in 2009 wow asshole

ill add a curse word filter plugin. thanks for sharing this MRPI.

[Posted by: CoyotesRock2004]

Rainbow5Dash is hacking and griefing. He is also making rude comments. Rainbow5Dash should atleast be jailed for a year Lol. He has done this for too long. Please jail and mute Rainbow5Dash

[Posted by: FeartheRainbow]

another thing that i find annoying about ppl on minecrap is spamming...people like Coyoterocks2004 are constantly spamming and its pretty annoying. please mute coyote she has done this for too long.



[Posted by: MRPI8]

Dude we can see armour hud xD

[Posted by: FeartheRainbow]

i am fully aware of that but see the problem is i dont really give two shits

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