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Possible additions!

[Posted by: PyroGlyphic]

Hey JC! Im here on this thread today to ask about possible additions to the server. Such as PvP and the drugs plugin i suggested a while back. Since you have upgraded the servers a bit, i was wondering if the would get added back? I have alot of people asking me if they will. Here is a completed list of things i would enjoy being added or re-installed.

- PvP (Server wide, not in red wool area at spawn.)
- Drugs plugin.
- Custom texture pack?
Again im here to ask if they will be added, and if so which ones. I feel a bit pushy with all this so, if you need any help with these things, contact me for info! Thanks

thanks for the suggestion; ill look into drugs tonight.
ill enable PvP on all areas except spawn.
also, i dont think texture packs are automatic still..
if somebody finds a NICE one with shaders, ill add it.

[Posted by: MRPI8]

U cant get texture packs with shadders jesus

oh lol well idk, however you got that picture with the boat to work. try uploading that to the forum
i want everybody to be able to play with that - that is excellent

[Posted by: PyroGlyphic]

Thanks JC, people sure do love the drugs right now!

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