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server down

Hey Jesus I'm willing to try set up a server called minecrap if I can send me ur server lay out and its all its ill still be guest and it still be owner ur be owner ,tuovic admin,kurdt mod treeze mod well that's only if I can set one up -MRPI8

   oh yeah and if not u can set it back up on urs right

NOW THAT'S JUST BULL my computer that could run the server BLOW UP so I have to wait for new family pc oh yeah brother might troll it :I
Yayayayayayayayayayay it's up and running again just played gerbils on my server want to play with me I can't get it bucket but the plug-in work's gerbils is fun u should get gerbillss oh yeah and I got a really cool idea for mob arena ill try and show u I built it in creative world somewhere

uhh.. what?; i dont understand what you're trying to do.

Hmm I'm saying if minecraft goes down the drain no way to run it I will be glad to try and host it on mine if I can set up a bukkit server AND I CAN'T GET ON IN 1.7.2 !!! 

If that is minecrap couldn't be run with help from u I might be able to set up a hellgate server instead of shitylaptop hosted server well if u can't run minecrap I will see what I can do arghh I'm trying to tell to much it not going to get this

no bukkit servers can be played in 1.7.2 currently.

Hey Jesus the server isn't 1.7.2 and I can't get my computer to go back in time

what did i just say?


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