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1/18/2016 - SubGlobal Online v23.1.0 (Update #224) - SoggyCow - 04-19-2017

- Added the Rage Assault skill back to the Vagabond.
- Added new pet Thief to the Cash Shop.
- Added g100, g120, and g140 upgradeable Arrows and Magic Books.
- Added item, "Blessing of the Operator" to level 100 Rewards.
*All players currently Level 100+ were mailed the item.
- Activated the 11 additional quests from v23.0.1.
- Updated server security, preventing new types of attacks.
- Updated Tower of Priest Masters stats and exp.
*Master spawn times have changed, and a notes appears on spawn.
- Updated some inventory icons.
- Replaced Attendance Coins with Pet Stones in Lottery Boxes.
- Reduced the size of all Wood Elements.
- Pet Stones are now known as Spirit Beads.
*Spirit Beads are now required for crafting g120.
- Fixed drop bug with level 90 demons in Hell Survival.
- Fixed icons of all pets.
- Fixed Skillbook, Poison Arrow's required level.
- Fixed many UI bugs.