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  More guilds
Posted by: TalRasha - 07-25-2017, 09:33 PM - Forum: Guild/Clan Advertising - No Replies

I was thinking about creating a Guild in like one week, but prefer not to be leader, so If anyone needs help with create one, I can help.
The reason I asking for that its ofc , as always, more fun. Happy Mining is a strong guild ^^ so We are going to need fire power. PvP here looks like fun.

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  PvP Events
Posted by: TalRasha - 07-25-2017, 09:28 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

How about PvP Events?
By PvP Event I understand Globalwar with mods. For example: only g60 or g46 + g60 weapon. I was thinking about leaving stats, but reduce all involve into Global War players, to 1. Dont realy have iead how's that could work but perhaps somehow it could. Mod's Suggestions can be posted.

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  06/27/2017 - SubGlobal Online v28.19.0 (Update #318)
Posted by: SoggyCow - 06-28-2017, 03:45 PM - Forum: Updates & Build Notes - No Replies

- Added new Grade 13, 14, 15, 16 Monster Summon Scrolls.
*These scrolls are for level 160-190 players.
*Grade 16 scroll description tells some End-Game content.
- Added Attendance Coins into Processor options.
- Updated Exp Item Exchange rate from 2 to 10.
- Updated Ore Processor.
- Updated Processing exchange rate by x2.
- Updated Fort's General Store.
- Rebalanced EXP Items so 1 Item = 1 Mob.
- Renamed Ore Processor to Material Processor.
- Lowered & changed price of all Monster Summon Scrolls.
- Fixed visual bug in Exp Item Exchange interface.

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  Manual updates
Posted by: Slow - 06-17-2017, 12:13 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

It would be nice if you put links to manual updates, since some people have trouble with auto updater.

Sincerley Slow

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  06/10/2017 - SubGlobal Online v28.18.2 (Update #317)
Posted by: SoggyCow - 06-11-2017, 04:44 AM - Forum: Updates & Build Notes - No Replies

- Updated Fort.
*Removed Storm Effect.
*Added many new models and effects.
*Added "KU" and "RAC" name tags by teleport stones
for most most dedicated players.

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  MineCrap Updates 2012 - 2014
Posted by: SoggyCow - 05-27-2017, 10:04 AM - Forum: Updates & Build Notes - No Replies

- World integration process has been completed.
- URL: is now active.
- Plugins updated.
- Server files updates.

~Integration of worlds notice has been published.
- Worlds merging on 7/7/2014.
- The following worlds will merge into "World_Original"
- The following worlds will merge into "World_PlotWorld

- Created custom mobs.
*All monsters now have 100%-200% more HP, and 200%-300% attack damage.
- Allowed guns to be fired at spawn.
- Updated MineCrap @ SubGlobal websites.

~MiniGames Update
- Added BomberCraft
- Added Last Man Standing
- Added Race
- Added Team Deathmatch
- Added Spleef
- Added Treasure Hunt
- Added Capture The Flag
- Added Infection

- Added a Jail system.
- Added better, more simple rules for the game.
- Added DJ Club Area
- Reconfigured for better performance.

- Modified the anti-hack system so that drug effects are not functional.
- Modified Rank Room.
*The personal Guard robot can now be purchased from there.
- Removed [Iron] rank from the system. All [Iron]-ranked players will progress to [Gold] rank.
- Removed world: Moon.

- Added new world, "Space"
*This new world is completely empty and chunkless - the community must build the whole world themselves.
- Added new rank: [Elite]
*This rank has complete access to all commands including Premium Add-Ons.
- Notice: Moon world will be deleted on 5/15/2014 as it is hardly used as what was anticipated.
- Removed [Stone] rank from the system. All [Stone]-ranked players will progress to [Iron] rank.

- Added new sign system.
- Updated all ranks.
*Non-Donation ranks now go from Rank 1 - 10, then continues on to Wood - Elite.
- Added new plugins.
*Server now runs on over 70 plugins!
- Added countless new features.
- Removed "Doom" world and moved it to "Gaming" world to better performance.
- Fixed over 20 issues/bugs within MineCrap.

- Moved MineCrap's database to a new root server with runs on Solid State Drives and 64Gigs of RAM @ 1600MHz.

- Updated MineCrap to the new UUID System by Mojang.
- Added new MiniGame plugins.

~MineCrap website has been revamped~
- The United States Government has issued Copyright & Trademark
rights to the MineCrap owner (see bottom of page or click site logo).
*MineCrap's integrity is now backed by the United States and three lawyers.
- Donation page now has an automatic service codes.
*When purchasing something from the website, your items/rank will now
automatically be sent to your inventory.
- Guide & Tutorials page has been completely reconstructed and now
provides a detailed list of all game information and crafting recipes.
*(47% Complete).
- Added more content to the site index.
- MineCrap now owns a 256-user TeamSpeak server!
*Address: TS.SubGlobal.Net

- Added scrolling signs to the server.
*These signs carry much more information as the text scrolls to the left.
- Added new TAB system.
*By pressing the TAB key, you can now see a complete new feature.

- Gun reload instructions are now embedded within gun information.

- Added a better Mute plugin.
- Fixed spawn FPS lag by moving the market to another location.
*The market's itemframes caused much stress on CPUs, causing FPS lag.

- Added a more safe and effective Jail plugin.
- Flushed database from all jailed players.
*63 Users were found to be permanently jailed.
*As a precaution, Essentials Jail was removed from the database,
and a new.
- Reconfigured all ranks

- Added SkyBlock!
- Fixed bug at spawn that caused low FPS.

- Added Bounty
*Players can now set a bounty on any other player.
*The player that kills the user with the bounty will receive the money.
- Added more server security.
- Fixed all worlds from not being able to plant water & lava.
*Dumping water and lava is now legal.

- Added minigame; Paintball.
- Fixed bug causing AntiCheat system to fail.

- Removed GriefPrevention BANS!
*Found out people were being banned by the plugin GriefPrevention.
*MineCrap has a NO-BAN policy.
- Added McMMO
*Get exp for killing mobs and level up by doing things.
- Added a better airplane plugin.
*More stable and sufficient than before.
- Added More Minigames!
*PvP - Like a TDM arena.
*Mob - Survive wave after wave of mobs.
*Conquest - Conquest styled game from Battlefield 3.
*King of the Hill KOTH - FFA King of the hill, you need to stand on a 
point for an accumulative 60 seconds to win.
*Bomb - TDM arena, red team is attacking bomb points, blue team is 
defending them. To cap a point, stand on it for 10 second, to defend 
a point, stand on it for 10 seconds.
*FFA - Every one for themselves, in a stock FFA match, users have 4 
lives, the last one alive wins.
*Spleef - Players attempt to break blocks below their opponents to kill 
them. Last one alive wins.
*Hunger - Based off of the popular book/movie, players spawn in a 
large arena and fight to the death using materials they find in the wild. 
Last player alive wins.
*Infect - 1 player spawns as the "infected", their goal is to kill all the 
*CTF - Players are split into two teams. The goal is to capture the 
other team's flag and bring it back to their own base.
- Added CrackShot plugin to MineCrap! Guns are back!
*MineCrap now has x20 more guns than before.
*This includes grenades, remote bombs, airstrikes, and yes, rifles.
- Updated server files for performance and stability increase.
- Fixed DisguiseCraft plugin; now working again.
- Fixed Itemframes in market; can no longer be destroyed.

- MineCrap is now a Spigot Server.
*Spigot is designed for larger servers and prevent lag.
*Changing MineCrap's infrastructure from Bukkit to Spigot has increased
performance by 64%!

- Updated Bukkit Server & plugins.
- Fixed disguise command and bomberman command.

- Updated MineCrap to 1.7.2!
*MineCrap is hosted on a 1,000Mb/s server for forever lagless gameplay.

- Created "Game World"
- Added *Game* Bomberman, to Game World.

- Updated server to Bukkit v1.7.5

- Updated server to Bukkit v1.7.4

- MineCrap added to a 100mbit up/down root.
*MineCrap will no longer have connection lag.
*More than 600 players can now enjoy MineCrap at once.
- Removed PVPGunsPlus.
- Added CrackShot plugin.
- Added ZombieSurvival plugin.

- MineCrap is being moved to a new permanent host.
- Lagless gameplay and faster processing.

- Moved SubGlobal Network (MineCrap, HellGate, Forums; everything) to new, faster, more reliable web host.

- Updated to 1.6.2!
- Temporarily removed Drugs as the plugin is causing errors/lag

- Reformatted entire system.
*Faster speeds

- Updated server to 1.6.1!
- Expanded server market for new items.
- Added new dynmap features; Mobs, Claims - now visable.
- Rendered worlds: Original and Islands @ website.

~NOTICE: 23,509 people have logged into MineCrap!
- Added kurtd24 & ploopyman1010 as moderators.

- Upgraded Anti-Hack system from NoCheatPlus to AntiCheat.
- Renovation of the market; MineCrap market has been organized and reengeneered.
*MineCrap now has the simplest market above all other servers.
- Bug fixes in Doom.

- Added drugs to the server
*Become a drug dealer.

- Removed creative worlds: Infiniry and Imperial City
- Added new creative world: Creative
*Creative is now open to all ranks.
- More ammo added to Mob Arena classes.
- Red Zone PVP is now working
- Dynmap @ has been purged and renewed.
- Plugins updated.
- Bugs fixed.

- Herobrine has entered MineCrap..
- Players can now see both player and mob HP above their head.
- Added custom text under Gold Nuggets and all money like it.

- All guns are now 50% off.
- Rocket Launcher is now available in the market.

- New world added, "First Backup"
*This is the 8/29/2012 backup of Minecrap when the server first started.

- Added new world, "Rainforest"
- All worlds are now PvP except the spawn world

- Added ChestShop
*Players can now buy/sell items from their own chests.
- Removed the Chess minigame.

- Moved the MineCrap server files to a x7 times more powerful machine.
*This will forever stop the game's lag and will be similar to lagless singleplayer.
- Updated Lockett plugin.

- Updated plugins
- Adjusted gun damage levels
- Added Ultimate Arena
- Changed spawn world by adding a new gun pvp arena
- Ender Dragon no longer creates a portal on death
- Fixed hopper chest stealing exploit

- Updated server to 1.5.2
- Updated custom texture pack
- Added HellGate Online to SubGlobal games
- Added mining world
- Reset Nether and TheEnd

- Updated server to 1.5.1
- Updated plugins

- Placed order for the new $530 server.
- Updated 25 of 48 plugins.
- Backed up server.

- Fixed the anti-hack system's "FastPlace" bug.
- Replace Enchanter with TimTheEnchanter java plugin.
- Removed EpicBossRecoded plugin until a more stable boss plugin is found.
- Updated the Paypal donation button to make it more simple to donate.

- Opened 2nd MineCrap server, (Test Server).
- Recoded MineCrap Boss.
- Added administrative user possession.
- Reduced MineCrap server's connection delay.

- Upgraded server from 1.4.6-R0.3 to 1.4.7-R0.2
- Added 2nd internet line to server for security and quality measures.
- Added real airplanes! Airplanes can also shoot arrows.
- Added real physics system.
- Added new teleport system.
- Added turret system.
- Added new enchantment system.
- Added special effects system.
- Added custom boss monsters.
- Added jukebox looping.
- Added NPC robots
- Updated all guns specifications.
- Updated MineCrap custom texture pack.
- Updated item names.
- Updated automatic motd.
- Updated rules.

- Added three new worlds to the server, Doom (PvE), The Moon (Survival), Imperial City (Creative).
- Updated plugins.
- Added Len_Wesker to the Administrative Team.
- Updated item texts.
- Removed NPC robots

- Upgraded server RAM from 6Gigs to 8Gigs!

- Upgraded server RAM from 6Gigs to 8Gigs!

- Updated MineCrap's custom texture pack.
- Removed plugins; KeepItems, and ButtonWarp, as they are no longer needed.
- Updated server to CraftBukkit 1.4.7!
- Added Command Blocks to the server.
- Replaced plugin, TimTheEnchanter with "Enchanter"
- Updated 43+ plugins!
- Optimized server database permissions.
- Fixed the on-going server crashes; server now online 24/7 with 99% up-time.

• Updated server from CraftBukkit 1.4.5 to 1.4.6!
• Updated 20 Plugins.
• Removed plugins; War, TimTheEnchanter, and MobArena.
• Added plugins; UltimateArena, ChessCraft, and six others.
• Added robot cyborg NPCs to the server.

• Enabled TNT!

• Starting development of two new worlds, "Zombie Apocalypse" and "Moon"
• Zombie Horror; Cabin in the woods, zombies all around you, will you survive?
• Moon; Land on the moon, build a base, survive the monsters!

• Added +2Gigs or RAM to the server, totaling to now 6Gigs.
• Updated CraftBukkit and Plugins.

• Added new 1.4.5 items to Market.
• Removed underground exploration area under Spawn.
• Updated MineCrap's custom texture pack.

• Created office for [Owner] in world, "Spawn"
• Created a PVP area in the Spawn.

• Enhanced gun's damage.
• Created custom texture pack for MineCrap.

• Updated all plugins and fixed server bugs.
• Fixed Mob Arena exploit.

• Added real guns to the server; Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle,
Sniper, Rocket Launcher, and Grenade.

• Removed world, "Apocalypse" as it was never played on
and used much needed memory resources.

• Created custom texture pack for MineCrap
• Added new [Mod], "super_nova88" to server staff.

• Added new world: "Porn Land"

• Updated server to v1.4.5

• Fixed major glitch, updated server & plugins

• New world: "War Room", has been created! Fight armies of 
monsters and PVP!

• Server has been updated to v1.4.2

• Five hour maintenance; manually reconstruction database,
plugin configs, and java scripts.

• Major server reconstruction has been completed; the 
original spawn has been moved to the new hub world. 
• The old spawn world is now named "Original World". 
• The new hub world is tiny and limited; when you first join 
MineCrap, you will start here, then select a world that you 
would like to enter in the teleport room. This is the new
framework of MineCrap.

• Added new world, "Islands".

• Monster Arena rewards have been reduced by 50%.
• MineCrap forums have been deleted as the SubGlobal 
Network forums now have a MineCrap section.

• MineCrap forums have been merged in with the 
SubGlobal Network forums.
• New 32Gig Ram server has been constructed and
pending order.

• New ranks added to server; [Guest], [Wood], [Stone], 
[Iron], [Gold], [Diamond].
• Permissions are now 100% complete.
• SafeCraft has been renamed to MineCrap
• The SubGlobal Network project has begun.

• New gaming network is grawn out, blueprints ready.

• Hunger Games removed, replaced with 
Survival Games.
• Added more commands to the online list.
• Changed permissions for [Guest] and [Donator] ranks.

• Hunger Games added to the server!
• Command list for all ranks added to tutorials section on 
server website.
• Ksungj is now server Moderator

9/20/2012 - Added new creative world "Infinity"
• Only donators with specific ranks can use creative.

• Added new world "Apocalypse"
• New server moderator "Aero14614" added to server staff.

• Added new warp system and world-inventory database.

• New updates include, spawn guard and MobArena bots. 
• A creative world has been added for donators.
• Permissions has been added to the database.
• Plugins updated.
• Server Map has been added to the website.

• Updated 18 plugins.

• New world "Kalibus" added.

• New ranks added to the system.

• Added forum.

• Grief Prevention plugin added

• Donation page added.

• Website created.

• Experimental code added to database.

• New v1.3.2 world has been generated.

• Server DNS has been created.

• SafeCraft server has been created.

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  05/22/2017 - SubGlobal Online v28.18.1 (Update #316)
Posted by: SoggyCow - 05-25-2017, 02:01 AM - Forum: Updates & Build Notes - No Replies

- Increased spawns of New World [Area 2] Dragon mobs.
- Lowered HP of New World bosses -60%.
- Fixed New World [Area 2] Dragon mob models.
- Fixed bug with purchasing Arrow Rain skill books.
- Fixed NULL name bug with Arrow Rain skill books.

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  Server Bug
Posted by: mining2 - 05-22-2017, 07:18 AM - Forum: Bug Reports & Fixes - Replies (1)

I cant train Monsters seem like buggy. they dont atk

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  [Solved] Fullscreen games only show on top right corner.
Posted by: SoggyCow - 05-21-2017, 12:29 PM - Forum: PC HELP - Replies (1)

I was having this problem a week ago, and my solution wasn't Alt+Enter like a lot of other people were saying. I even reformatted my PC and still had the same problem. It was driving me completely insane. So I downloaded some older versions of Nvidia video drivers and that actually worked!

Just downgrade your Nvidia drivers to older versions and this will fix it. Apparently my GTX 980 didn't like the newer versions.

Here is where to get the older drivers:

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  File Posting Rules
Posted by: SoggyCow - 05-19-2017, 12:15 PM - Forum: Computer Management - No Replies

  1. (Required) Give a general software description.
  2. (Optional) Post a screenshot of the software.
  3. (Required) Scan the software at
  • Compress the software in .zip or .rar

Then you can upload or link the software to the forum.


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