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Full Version: KingKai78's Application!
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[Posted by: KingKai78]

Age: 13
Sex: Male
Name: Kai / Username : KingKai78
Location: England, Kent , Dover
Languages: Bit of Spanish, Bit of French, Tiniest bit of German and English.
How long have you player Minecraft? : 3 Years
How long have you been with MineCrap?: 2 Days, But I hope to be on 3 Hours minimum a day.

Do you have previous staff history with other servers?:I have been staff on many servers in my past and know the rules and regulations. 
If so, which?:I cannot remember the Ip's but I only have the names (I also Owned my Own server which I have proof of) 
If no longer staff, why aren't you now?:I was staff on a SMP Server for 2 Months but I experienced Family Issues and bullying at school so I took time off the server and they wouldnt accept me back.

How often do you play Minecraft?: 4 Hours Minimum a day.

Why do you believe you should be MineCrap Staff?:I believe that every server deserves a Mature and helpful Staff member. I also think the Users should be safe and treated fairly on every server which I know isnt the case on very few, I will make sure this server is reaching the top standards it can be and I will use my Skills and knowledge along the way.
thank you. ill archive this.