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Full Version: Ploopy's Staff Application
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[Posted by: PyroGlyphic]

Age: 14
Sex: Male
Name: Ryan Ayers
Location: Virginia (East Coast) EST
Languages: English 
How long have you player Minecraft?: Since some rainy day in 2010
How long have you been with MineCrap?: Over a year in a half, Possible 2

Do you have previous staff history with other servers?: Yes, This one.
If so, which?: Minecrap.
If no longer staff, why aren't you now?: I screwed up bad, i wish to speak with JC and i really want him to forgive me. Ill go into more depth with you.

How often do you play Minecraft?: Everyday, Along with other games. easily 2 hours a day. I will be able to make exceptions for Minecrap.

Why do you believe you should be MineCrap Staff?: I was before, and i really enjoyed it. I liked to help others. Im on all the time, and i really want to get back into it. I love the server, its owner, and its players.

JC, if you read this, just post some way for me to get in touch with you. Thanks man!
looking forward to it.
let me finish stabalizing the server first from all these crazy UUID updates.